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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

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Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

Taxpayer Services and Customer Service Response Times

We are committed to responding to calls and emails as quickly as possible. See our call tips and peak schedule for details on factors that may impact response times.

Office Hours

Taxpayer Services Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Other divisions' hours are 8 a.m to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Offices are closed on national holidays and may be closed or partially-staffed on state holidays.

Frequently-Called Numbers

Help with…Phone
Sales and Use Taxes1-800-252-5555
Franchise Tax1-800-252-1381
Certificates of Account Status/Good Standing1-800-252-1386
Electronic Reporting and WebFile Technical Support1-800-442-3453

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Located in Texas?

You may wish to visit one of our field offices for help.

See a complete Taxpayer Services and Collections field offices and Audit field offices, with locations and phone numbers.

Please note the following: Audit Division field offices can assist you by processing audit payments and performing necessary file maintenance for taxpayers who are currently being audited; however, Audit field offices perform no other direct taxpayer services.

If you need to contact the agency via TDD equipment, please visit Relay Texas for assistance.

All Toll-Free Numbers - Alphabetically

Help with…Number
911 Emergency Service/Equalization Surcharge1-800-252-5555
Automotive Oil Fee1-800-252-5555
Bank Franchise Tax1-800-252-1381
Battery Fee1-800-252-5555
Boat and Boat Motor Sales Tax1-800-252-5555
Cement Tax1-800-531-5441
Certificates of Account Status/Good Standing1-800-252-1386
Cigarette, Cigar and/or Tobacco Products1-800-862-2260
Coastal Protection Fee1-800-252-1384
Coin-Operated Machine Tax1-800-252-1385
Crude Oil Production Tax1-800-252-1384
Customer Service Liaison1-888-334-4112
Customs Broker1-800-252-5555
Fax on Demand1-800-531-1441
Fireworks Tax1-800-252-5555
Franchise Tax1-800-252-1381
Fuels Tax1-800-252-1383
GETPUB: To Order Forms & Publications1-800-252-1389
Hotel Occupancy Tax1-800-252-1385
Inheritance Tax1-800-531-5441
Insurance Tax1-800-252-1387
Interest Rate1-877-447-2834
LG Decals1-800-252-1383
Local Revenue1-800-531-5441
Help with…Number
Manufactured Housing Tax1-800-252-1382
Miscellaneous Gross Receipts Taxes1-800-531-5441
Mixed Beverage Tax1-800-252-5555
Motor Vehicle Registration Surcharge1-800-252-1382
Motor Vehicle Sales Surcharge,
Rental and Seller Financed Sales Tax
Natural Gas Production Tax1-800-252-1384
Off-Road, Heavy-Duty Diesel
Equipment Surcharge
Officer and Director Information1-800-252-1386
Oil Well Servicing Tax1-800-531-5441
Oyster Fee1-800-252-5555
Penalty Waivers – Audit Related1-800-531-5441
Penalty Waivers – Non-Audit Related1-800-531-5441
ext. 3-4560
Penalty Waivers – (Noncompliance EFT/ER Penalties) – Electronic Reporting1-800-442-3453
Petroleum Products Delivery Fee1-800-252-1383
Property Tax1-800-252-9121
Sales and Use Taxes1-800-252-5555
School Fund Benefit Fee1-800-252-1383
Sulphur Tax1-800-531-5441
Tax Practitioners1-800-248-4093
TELEFILE: To File by Phone1-888-434-5464
Texas Tomorrow Fund1-800-445-4723
Unclaimed Property Claimants1-800-321-2274
Unclaimed Property Holders1-800-321-2274
Unclaimed Property Name Searches1-800-654-3463
Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA)1-800-688-6829
Website Help Desk1-800-531-5441
ext. 5-0996
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