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Franchise Tax Account Status

Certificates of Account Status

“Certificates of Account Status,” sometimes called “Certificates of Good Standing,” will no longer be available from the Comptroller’s office. Instead, website users may print a taxpayer’s Franchise Tax Account Status page to accomplish the same purposes.

The Comptroller historically issued Certificates of Account Status in response to inquiries about the status of an entity’s franchise tax account. As of May 5, 2013, the Comptroller will respond to such inquiries by providing the status of an entity’s right to transact business in Texas from our online search. Search results reflect the information in the Comptroller’s records at the time the query is made.

The Comptroller is required by law to forfeit a company’s right to transact business in Texas if the company has not filed a franchise tax report or paid a franchise tax required under Chapter 171. The law also requires the Comptroller to give at least 45 days after the notice of pending forfeiture is mailed before the actual forfeiture. Any franchise tax deficiencies must be cured during that period to avoid the forfeiture of the right to transact business in Texas.

Use the Franchise Tax Account Status search to determine whether a taxable entity's right to transact business in Texas is intact. Franchise Tax Account Status may be required in order to conduct real estate or financial transactions.

Franchise Tax Account Status

Secretary of State Filings

Franchise Tax Account Status printed from this website is not acceptable for filings with the Secretary of State.

Complete Form 05-359, Request for Certificate of Account Status to Terminate a Taxable Entity’s Existence in Texas (PDF, 225KB) to obtain a certificate for filing with the Secretary of State. You may request that the certificate be sent to you in PDF format via email by checking the PDF box on form 05-359. You may then use the PDF document to facilitate electronic filing with the SOS using their SOSDirect system.

For More Information

Find answers to your franchise tax questions by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions. For further assistance, submit an email to Franchise Tax Help or call (800) 252-1381. Information on registering in Texas is available from the Secretary of State or by calling 512-463-5555.

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